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"Ultra-compact Multimode Interference InGaAsP Multiple Quantum Well Modulator"
D. A. May-Arrioja, P. LiKamWa, R. J. Selvas-Aguilar, and J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon
Acepted and awaiting for publication on Optical and Quantum Electronics.
"Integrated beam-steered optical switch"
D.A. May-Arrioja, N. Bickel, and P. LiKamWa
SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, April
"Reconfigurable 1x4 optical switch in InGaAsP multiple quantum wells"
D.A. May-Arrioja, N. Bickel, and P. LiKamWa
SPIE Proceeding 5622, pp. 828-832, October
"Variable Optical Attenuator using Active Multimode Interference Waveguide"
D. A. May-Arrioja, R. J. Selvas-Aguilar, J. Escobedo-Alatorre, P. LiKamWa, and J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon
SPIE Proceeding 5622, pp. 731-734, October
"Electrostatically actuated 1 x 2 micromechanical optic switch "
Shubin I., Wa P.L.K.
Electronics Letters, 37(7), 451-452,
"1x3 active GaAs/AlGaAs planar waveguide optical switch"
Dong, Xuesong; LiKamWa, Patrick; Loehr, John; Kaspi, Ron
Electronics Letters, 36(1),
"Ultrafast all-optical multiple quantum well integrated optic switch"
Kim, C.; May-Arrioja, D. A.; LiKamWa, P.; Newman, P.; Pamulapati, J.
Electronics Letters. 36(23) 1929-1930
"Current-induced guiding and beam steering in active semiconductor planar waveguide"
Dong, X. S.; LiKamWa, P.; Loehr, J.; Kaspi, R.
Ieee Photonics Technology Letters. 11(7) 809-811
"Quasi-CW self-guided optical beams in GaAs-AlGaAs double heterostructure slab waveguides"
Kutsche, C.; LiKamWa, P.; Loehr, J.; Kaspi, R.
Electronics Letters. 34(9) 906-907
"Ultrafast All-Optical Switching in Multiple Quantum Well Y-Junction Waveguides at the Band Gap Resonance"
LiKamWa, P.; Kan'an, A.;
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics on Quantum Electronics, 3(3), pp655-660
"Ultrafast All-Optical Switching not Limited by the Carrier Lifetime in an Integrated MQW Mach-Zehnder Interferometer"
Kan’an, A.; LiKamWa P.;
Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical Physics, v. 14, p. 3217-23
"Ultrafast Cross-Well Carrier Transport in a Strained InGaAs/GaAs pin Modulator"
Wang, H.S.; Effenberger, F.; LiKamWa, P.; Miller, A.;
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 33(2), pp192-197
"1.7ps consecutive switching in an integrated multiple-quantum-well y-junction optical switch"
Kan'an, A.M.; LiKamWa, P.; Dutta, M.; Pamulapati, J.;
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 8(12), pp1641-43
"Area-Selective Disordering of Multiple Quantum Well Structures and its Applications to All-Optical Devices"
Kan’an, A.M.; LiKamWa, P.; Dutta, M.; Pamulapati, J.;
Journal of Applied Physics, 80 (6), pp3179-83
"Integrated all-optical routing Y-junction device with ultrafast on-off switching"
Kan’an, A.M.; LiKamWa, P.; Dutta, M.; Pamulapati, J;
Electronics Letters, 32(16), pp1476-77
"Multi-Quantum-Well Zero-Gap Directional Coupler with Disordered Branching Wave-Guides"
Shi, S.; LiKamWa, P.; Miller, A.; Pamulapati, J.; Cooke, P.; Dutta, M.
Applied Physics Letters. 66(1) 79-81
"Ultrafast Recovery in a Strained InGaAs/AlAs MQW pin Modulator"
Wang, H.S.; LiKamWa, P.; Ghisoni, M.; Parry, G.; Stavrinou, P. N.; Roberts, J.; Miller, A.;
Photonics Technology Letters, 7(2), p173
"Cw and Self-Mode-Locking Performance of a Red Pumped Cr3+Lisr0.8ca0.2alf6 Laser"
Wang, H. S.; LiKamWa, P.; Lefaucheur, J. L.; Chai, B. H. T.; Miller, A.
Optics Communications. 110(5-6) 679-688
"Electro-Optical Modulation in Multiple Quantum Well Hetero nipi Waveguides"
Thirstrup, C.; Robson, P.N.; LiKamWa, P.; Pate, M.A.; Button, C.C.; Roberts, J.S.;
IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, 12(3), p425
"The Controlled Disordering of Quantum-Wells Using Surface Oxidation"
Shi, S.; LiKamWa, P.; Miller, A.; Pamulapati, J.; Cooke, P.; Dutta, M.
Semiconductor Science and Technology. 9(8) 1564-1566
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