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"Fiber Optic Pressure Sensor using Multimode Interference"
V I Ruiz-Pérez, M A Basurto-Pensado, P LiKamWa, J J Sánchez-Mondragón and D A May-Arrioja
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 274
"Multimode interference effects in optical fiber for pressure sensing applications"
V. I. Ruiz-Pérez, M. A. Basurto-Pensado, D. A. May-Arrioja, M. Tecpoyotl-Torres, P. LikamWa, O. G. Ibarra-Manzano and J. J. Sánchez-Mondragón
Proc. of SPIE Vol. 8011, 80115M
"Novel Multimode Interference Liquid Level Sensors"
J.E. Antonio-Lopeza, M. Torres-Cisnerosb, J.A. Arredondo-Lucioc, J.J. Sanchez-Mondragon, P. LiKamWa, and D.A. May-Arrioja
Proc. SPIE 7839, 78391V, 2nd Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications (WSOF-2), October
"Optical Fiber Sensor for Pressure Based on Multimode Interference as Sensitive Element"
V.I. Ruiz-Pérez, M.A. Basurto-Pensado, G. Urquiza-Beltrán, D.A. May-Arrioja, E. Gasca-Herrera, J. Javier Sanchez Mondragón, and P.L. LiKamWa
Conference Paper, Latin America Optics and Photonics Conference (LAOP)
"Optofluidically Tunable Multimode Interference Erbium Doped Fiber Laser"
J.E. Antonio-Lopez, I. Hernandez-Romano, D.A.M. Arrioja, J.J. Sanchez-Mondragon, P. LiKamWa
Proceeding of IEEE Photonics Society Summer Topical Meeting Series, pp. 80-81
"Tunable Multimode Interference Bandpass Fiber Filter"
J.E. Antonio-Lopez, A. Castillo-Guzman, D.A. May-Arrioja, R. Selvas-Aguilar, and P. LiKamWa
Optics Letters 35(3), pp. 324-326
"Widely Tunable Erbium-Doped Fiber Laser Based on Multimode Interference Effect"
A. Castillo-Guzman, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, R. Selvas-Aguilar, D. A. May-Arrioja, J. Estudillo-Ayala, and P. LiKamWa
Optics Express 18(2), pp. 591-597
"Intermixing of InP-based Multiple Quantum Wells for Integrated Optoelectronic Devices"
D. A. May-Arrioja, N. Bickel, A. Alejo-Molina, M. Torres-Cisneros, J. J. Sanchez-Mondragon, and P. LiKamWa
Microelectronics Journal, vol. 40, pp. 574-576, 2009
"Etched quantum dots for all-optical and electro-optical switches"
Nathan Bickel and Patrick LiKamWa
Microelectronics Journal, 39(3-4), pp362-364, 2008
"Integrated InGaAsP MQW Mach-Zehnder modulator"
D. A. May-Arrioja and P. LiKamWa, I. Shubin, P.K.L. Yu
Microelectronics Journal, 39(3-4), pp660-663, 2008
"Integrated optical SPR sensor based on mode conversion efficiency"
H.S. Pang, T.W. Lee, M.G. Moharam, P.L. LiKamWa, H.J. Cho
Electronics Letters, Vol. 44(16), pp971-972, 2008
"On-Chip Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor"
H. Pang, H.J. Cho, P.L. LiKamWa
J. Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Vol. 8 (10), pp4968-4971, 2008
"Reconfigurable 1x4 InP-based optical switch"
D. A. May-Arrioja and P. LiKamWa
Microelectronics Journal, 39(3-4), pp644-647, 2008.
"Reconfigurable multimode interference splitter for sensing applications"
D A May-Arrioja, P LiKamWa, J J Sanchez-Mondragon, R J Selvas-Aguilar and I Torres-Gomez
Meas. Sci. Technol. 18, pp3241–3246, 2007.
"Tunable multimode interference coupler"
D.A. May-Arrioja, P. LiKamWa, C. Velasquez-Ordonez, J.J. Sanchez-Mondragon
Electronics Letters, 43(13), pp714-716, 2007.
"Robust 2 x 2 multimode interference optical switch"
D. A. May-Arrioja, N. Bickel and P. LiKamWa
Optical and Quantum Electronics (2006) 38: 557-566
"180-GHz Clock Recovery Using a Multisection Gain-Coupled Distributed Feedback Laser"
Inwoong Kim, Cheolhwan Kim, Guifang Li, Patrick LiKamWa, and Jin Hong
Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 17, No. 6, pp. 1295-1297
"Dynamics of All-Optical Clock Recovery Using Two-Section Index- and Gain-Coupled DFB Lasers"
Inwoong Kim, Cheolhwan Kim, Patrick L. LiKamWa, and Guifang Li
Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 23, No. 4, pp. 1704-1712
"Integrated Electro-Optic Mach-Zehnder Switch realized by Zinc In-Diffusion"
D. A. May-Arrioja and P. LiKamWa
SPIE Proceeding 5622, pp. 833-837, October
"Optical beam steering using InGaAsP multiple quantum wells"
D.A. May-Arrioja, N. Bickel, and P. LiKamWa
IEEE Photonic Technology Letters. 17(2) 333-335
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